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Naim was born in the San Ramón Nonato de Vallecas Parish, a working-class neighborhood in Madrid, following the charisma of the saint of Catalan origin that gives its name to this temple and who was a member of the order of La Merced created in the 13th century by Saint Peter Nolasca. In it, the fourth vote of his rule establishes the mission of rescuing the Catholic captives of North Africa. Following this guideline, children with special needs who attend Naim catechism -Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy...- are considered 'captives', due to their intellectual disability and the difficulties associated with it, and are 'chained' for circumstances such as immobilization or cognitive limitations that make them live on many occasions in an indecipherable and 'closed' world.

With the aim of supporting the message of Jesus who came into the world to save ALL of us, we want these children to learn to live the Gospel in all the circumstances of their lives. And since they have the same need for God and their intellectual disability does not make them spiritually disabled, they are given a personalized catechesis. With the formation that is given to them, we want them to feel loved by God, since they are the FAVORITE of Jesus.


In Naim catechesis, a non-profit initiative, we seek that all people with special needs not only have knowledge of the Gospel, but also that they can live and experience the optimism that they can be happy on earth and in heaven. At the same time, from the Naim catechism we encourage children to participate in all the activities that are carried out in the parishes.

We are an association for people with special abilities - NAIM project, registered in the association register of the Ministry of the Interior No. 625520, which is part of the Diocesan Commission for Attention to People with Disabilities of the Archdiocese of Madrid.




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