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"Intellectual disability does not imply that there is also a spiritual disability, since God makes us all equally spiritually capable."

Catechism is taught in the parish and after each class the main activity with the children is a visit to the Blessed Sacrament with the catechist.

Know our method

NAIM catechism

We rely on an intuitive and versatile method

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  • Provide catechetical training adapted to people with disabilities, especially "NEUROLOGICAL DISABILITIES", with the purpose of "RECEIVING THE SACRAMENTS".

  • Training and reception of parents. With this we seek to: Heal the wounds that parents may have towards the Church and especially in their relationship with God.

Get to know some of our catechetical materials

All the materials are unpublished and are characterized by their versatility to be used for all degrees of intellectual disability.

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Download the complete song "Where is Jesus" for freehere

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 Are you interested in training as a catechist and learning how to make catechesis accessible and personalized for all?

The Naim Project - Catechesis for All is an innovative initiative that seeks to provide an inclusive and accessible religious experience for people with disabilities. Through our personalized catechesis methodology, we seek that everyone can have access to the sacraments and the community of faith. In addition, we have unpublished material of the Holy Mass in pictograms that is essential for the catechism of people with special abilities.

If you are interested in being part of this initiative, you will be able to learn techniques and tools to make catechism accessible and personalized for all. You will also have the opportunity to train as a catechist and help others deepen their faith. In addition, you will be able to contribute to building a more inclusive and supportive society.

What are you waiting for to train as a catechist in the Naim Project? You can contact us through our website and join our team of catechists. Together, we can bring catechism to all people and make the faith accessible to all. We will wait for you!

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